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Discover new opportunities with your vacant properties by creating spaces for food and beverage tenants.

Flavors has a network of fifty-five (55) and growing food and beverage entrepreneurs who NEED commercial kitchen and event spaces to operate LEGALLY and within the guidelines and licensure requirements for local health departments. With dedicated commercial kitchens and event spaces, these culinary entrepreneurs are able to serve residential, corporate, retail, wholesale, and government agency clients.

Partnering with Landlords

Landlords with vacant spaces have the opportunity to diversify their tenant mix while improving their ROI when partnering with Flavors to create and manage an active community of culinary professionals seeking creative, high-end commercial kitchen and event spaces to showcase their hospitality-driven experiences and services to their diverse clientele. Discover new opportunities with your vacant properties by creating spaces for food and beverage tenants.

Food is and will always be an essential service. 

With a branded Flavors facility, The spaces we design are for our culinary artisans and innovators to have amazing spaces to utilize for their professional business appearance and productivity while they are working away from their client’s homes and offices. The best part is that Flavors is a community of  food and beverage entrepreneurs that support and encourage one another to grow and develop.

Flavors is NOT a space; we ARE a community

What Makes Flavors the Perfect Partner

We create cash flowing assets

We help Class-B and Class-C landlords, which include Industrial, Commercial Shopping Center, Retail, and Flex-zoned properties design, build, and manage food and beverage workplaces and amenity-driven spaces with a creative eye and understanding of the needs of the industry at the quality, speed, and scale like no other.

A Tech-Enabled Full-Service Experience

Our design approach delivers our food and beverage industry tenants an engaging experience by creating spaces that contribute to community-building and necessary services with our amazing hospitality teams and innovative technology.

An Active Branded Tenant Community

Our heavily marketed brand has attracted some of the biggest and most successful food and beverage brands in the region. With expansion efforts, through our physical and technology platform, the Flavors brand is sure to enhance your properties reputation which guarantees our members and the local community that each of our properties, whether managed or owned, meet our rigorous standards. Not only is the space and amenities a major influence to our tenant members, our programming, which includes business development, monthly/weekly workshops, classes, training, and events are provided to support our members to help them meet their goals to support government agencies, corporate, retail, and wholesale entities.


Shared Savory Kitchen

Shared Confectionery Kitchen

Shared Open Workspaces

Dry Storage

Cold/Freezer Storage

Conference Rooms

Meeting Room

Demo Kitchen

Access to Bid & Perform on local, state, and federal government contracts through flavors culinary group

Private members lounge with lockers for personal storage

Allow our qualified food and beverage Concept, Design, & Property Management team transform your asset into a revenue producing asset!

Reach out to our team today to discuss at 301-806-9869 or send us a message and we will be in touch to discuss.