Why Flavors?

Flavors is the creator of tech-enabled food & beverage workspaces + services + concepts for culinary entrepreneurs, government agencies and other commercial entities.

Flavors, founded in 2016 by Samia Bingham, is a boutique food and beverage technology solutions firm based in Prince George’s County, MD specializing in culinary spaces + concepts in support of government, corporate, and retail clients.

With a focus on changing the way our culinary creatives can create + cook + serve, Flavors is expanding and elevating accessibility to food and beverage entrepreneurs by providing creative work spaces for our culinary creative to serve government, corporate, retail, and residential communities. By providing access to food and beverage entrepreneurs who provide healthier alternatives where food insecurities and an overabundance of corporate fast food chains exist, our innovative approach utilizes advances in technology to meet Flavors’ central mission to improve access and availability to the end user through development of our clients’ food service programs and specialty food and beverage models.

In 2019, Flavors expanded its operations by investing in our culinary community of chefs and caterers by launching a shared commercial kitchen complex and workspace concept. The expansion will provide state-of-the-art commercial kitchen space, cold, dry, and freezer storage, demo kitchen, meeting rooms, and a community of culinary professionals.

Flavors, a member-based community, will provide resources to our culinary members who will serve the local, state, and federal government, corporate and residential communities through virtual and ghost kitchen operations, while also accessing opportunities in retail through specialty concepts and the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) market.